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Cataplufs musikalske reise

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fredag 27. mars

Kl 17:30

Cataplufs musikalske reise var ein braksuksess på London Jazz Festival i 2013 og selte ut fleire konsertar til begeistra ungar og vaksne. Ungane lo og dansa og frontmann Adriano vart ein umiddelbar yndling

Adriano Adewale – alle moglege instrument!
Jenny Adejayan – cello
Marcelo Andrade – saksofon, fløyte, gitar
Giuliano Pereira – saksofon, fløyte, gitar
Andres Ticino – perkusjon

Konserten eignar seg for born mellom 5-7 år.

It was commissioned for the EFG London Jazz Festival in 2013 and we worked together with Adriano and with school teachers and their classes to ensure that it was suitable for the right age group and had high production values.  It is suitable for concert halls/theatres/festivals and can also be scaled back (technically) for performances in schools.

Catapluf’s Musical Journey is a wordless concert of 50 minutes for children aged  5 – 7 years (and their families/schools) that takes audiences on a journey of discovery about music of all styles that can be made with a variety of real and makeshift instruments – it is fun, uplifting and involves a lot of audience participation.