Tingingsverket 2015: Live Maria Roggen

Live Maria Roggen
Foto: Helge Lien

Roggen har gått musikkgradene frå ho spelte fiolin og song alt mogleg på Foss vidaregåande skule til dagens stilling som professor i jazzsong ved Norges Musikkskole. Karriera til Roggen som musikar er ikkje mindre imponerande: i 1997 var ho med å starta opp Wibutee og året etter tok ein av dei store jazzsuksessane til med danninga av Come Shine. Etter Spellemannpris i 2002 tok bandet ein lengre pause og oppstod i fjor mellom anna her på Vossa Jazz til fullsett Vossasal og stormande jubel som forventa. Som soloartist tok Roggen i mot nok ein Spellemannpris i 2007 for plata «Circuit Songs» som var både eigenkomponert og -produsert.

Tingingsverket skal verta ei vidareutvikling av Live Maria Roggen sitt tidlegare arbeid med eigne komposisjonar og improvisasjonsarbeid. Ho arbeider innafor ein gehørstradisjon der utøvarane og samspelet påverkar komponeringa: musikarane sine særprega uttrykk og møtet mellom dei og komposisjonane vert del av den skapande prosessen. Roggen høyrer for seg eit lydbilete med både akustiske og elektroniske/manipulerte element. Ho har valt ut eit ensemble av musikarar som ho tenkjer kan verta ei kraftfull rytmisk eining men som òg kan skape både djupe og eteriske lydrom. Tekstane er assosiasjonar rundt ei historie som er rotfesta i vår urolege tid.

Live Maria Roggen – vokal
Eivind Lønning – trompet
Lene Grenager – cello
Hilmar Jensson – gitar
Sondre Meisfjord – bass vokal
Audun Kleive – trommer perkusjon prog
Asle Karstad – lyddesign

«Verket har arbeidstittelen Apokaluptein – The uncovering. Dei to titteldelane betyr meir eller mindre det same: apokaluptein (gr.) er rota til det kjente ordet apokalypse altså verdas undergang men i seg sjølv betyr det å avdekke avsløre. Når noko bryt saman kjem eit nytt lag av verkelegheita til syne» seier Roggen.

Tingingsverket 2015 vert framført i Vossasalen på Park laurdag 28. mars klokka 18:00.

Kjøp billettar her.

Roggen har sjølv skrive alle tekstane til Apokaluptein. Les nedover for å sjå orda til Tingingsverkskomponisten!

Square one

(Heidi Køhn/Live Maria)

To experience Nature arising, was almost beautiful 

in that brief moment when the silence came,

at the same time as it was horrible, and strange. 

As if all boundaries were gone,

and you were on the other side. 

this is all we are

we might as well be dust

or bacteria



(Live Maria)


In the back of the truck

Light sweeps in through the windows

Twenty-seven people in the back of the truck

Hours since the man said we’ll be there soon 

Counting things to forget time

How many pairs of shoes? Nineteen.

How many T-shirts? Twelve.

How many red items? Seven.

The baby is sleeping

lights sweeps in through the windows

is he the one to trust

falling into and out of sleep,

clinging to that bag

cities passing in the dark

is he someone to trust

when is the next rest

lights sweeps in through the windows

is he the one to trust

baby sleep, baby sleep

we are not there

we don’t know where

I will not move

(Live Maria)

I will sit

I will sit when it comes

I will sit as the roar arises 

I will sit as the thing protrudes from the ground and the trunks and the waters when the thing starts stretching out I will sit as it grows I will sit 

when it starts multiplying

and when the sound of hundreds-of-stomping-feet approaches me I will sit


this will pass

this will pass

this will pass

I will cover you

I will not move

Felicia’s song

(Live Maria, 2007)

downhill bus ride, reminds me of Rio

for once they’re playing your song on the radio

a quiet, magic place

alongside these passengers chasing time

in Felicia’s rain

she’s come to say goodbye

you know, he did all he could to keep you

but with a soul so free, what can one do

your loving arms and their touch

and your sweet breath and smile won’t embrace him

now in Felicia’s rain

she’s come to say goodbye

how would people know about your life there

how could your friend know about a life in fear

how to keep someone distant when they’re so near

how come you never knew that you belong here

time will stop and the rain will keep falling

on that day, in that moment I had a calling

been calling out since then

since that day on the downhill bus ride

back when Felicia’s rain

came down to say goodbye


The moonfish dance

(Live Maria)

little cracks little cracks

just keep walking little cracks

everything will turn out for the best!

little cracks just keep walking

little cracks little cracks

just keep walking little cracks

what a level of contentedness!

little cracks just keep walking

what a treat what a feast

what colours to be seen

the shimmering on our waters

the moonfish in our stream

letting the jungle in

late night and early spring

long days by the waters

with moonfish in our stream

little cracks little cracks …

what a treat what a feast

heavenly fire in July – more action to get triggered by

the apt will move while the slow will die

there’s moonfish in our stream

the moving soil

the sliding mud

the water flood

swallowed by the jungle, wallowed by our hunger

little cracks little cracks …


The old country

(Live Maria)

listen to those songs at night

listen to the tales they write

don’t look down and scrutinize the ground

or you’re bound to face those little cracks, little cracks, little cracks…

listen to the sounds of fall

look right past this cracking wall

never touch the woven tapestry

it might unravel you

sit and watch the pieces drop

sit and watch the sky getting covered up

never stare directly at the sun

it might enlighten you

the red bricks, the brown scent

such wisdom, such fulfillment

such rightness, such balance

they just keep making sense

you don’t need experience

to turn us out



(Live Maria)

Because I am

You are

I had to make you

Because I am 

Because you are

I have to teach you

All my mistakes

Over and over

Because I am

You are

I let you become dependent

because I am

I let you become this lonely

because I am

I let you become distracted

because I am

I let you become dependent

because I am


The flesh

(from “The Four Protective Meditations”)

This is what we are:

hair, nails, teeth, skin

flesh, sinews, bone, marrow, kidneys

heart, liver, membranes, spleen, lungs

bowels, intestines, gorge, dung, brain

Visualize decay. Start with the image of your own body: 

  1. freshly dead, cast away in a charnel ground — one day, two days, three days
  2. picked at by crows, vultures, and hawks, by dogs, hyenas, and various other creatures
  3. the bones connected with tendons
  4. the bones detached from their tendons, scattered in all directions; here a hand bone, there a foot bone, here a shin bone, there a thigh bone, here a hip bone, there a back bone, here a rib, there a chest bone, here a shoulder bone, there a neck bone, here a jaw bone, there a tooth, here a skull
  5. the bones whitened, somewhat like the color of shells
  6. the bones piled up, more than a year old
  7. the bones decomposed into a powder

Continue until – poof – nothing at all is left


(Live Maria)

we gather round to see the shadow play

please tell me whether it’s good or bad

they cut the picture to a résumé

for soothing comfort, in the guise of information

this is the story of the great unknown

passing by familiar stations

an adaptation of the odyssey to fit

our cravings and our expectations

we gather round to hear the story told

no matter good or bad

we scrape the barrel to buy what is sold

the truth or just another diversion

came all this way to see the signs ourselves

see the promised land emerging

the stories filling every crack with gold

or wine or milk or semen for complete immersion



(Live Maria – music: Hilmar Jensson)

how could I have imagined

that there’d be magic all around

that there’d be magic

in everything surrounding you and me

right in front of my eyes there is a star

I know

these are the treasures of my life

magic unforeseen

you breathe

you smile

you live

you grow

you sense

you see

how can I protect you

if everything falls apart

Del gjerne!